Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Southern Hospitality Vol. 1: The New Age Mixtape!

Shout Out to Southern Hospitality Blog For throwin Me and Lil B's "Let the Eagles Go" On The New Mixtape! Which they Compiled with some of the artists they consider The future! Much repsect!

Can You Stand The Rain???? BasedWorld 2010

Wow This Was A Funny Interview..Lol..sHouts out tO the BASEd Supporters! BasedWorld 2010!!!!

Man The Pack Threw A Crackin Show At UW This Past weekend! Had Mad Fun..Had The Girls Goin Wild..They almost Collapsed the stage At one Point Lol! But This Interview Is Legendary..Real Funny Just With a few of the Based Supporters after the Show! SHots Out To Uw! Seattle,Wa! Thank You BasedGod Lol! Was Good B?

Boy survives Plane Crash In Libya...Sole Survivor...God Bless This Child

It's been awhile since i've posted Some Real Life News on The blog..but this tragic and yet truly amazing...God Bless this Child And i Hope He lives A Wonderful Life..and he goes on to live healthy and this crash does not scar the rest of his life..God Bless him. staff and news service reports
updated 7:19 a.m. PT, Wed., May 12, 2010
The sole survivor of a plane crash in Libya, a 10-year-old Dutch boy, was described to be in good condition on Wednesday after a fiery crash at Tripoli airport that killed 103 passengers and crew.

"The child is in good condition and is in hospital undergoing checks," Libyan Transport Minister Mohammed Ali Zaidan said. His injuries were not life-threatening, he added.