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Very Nice Piece On LIL B The BASED GOD..CHECK THIS OUT! A Rare Look INto His Way of THinking! #BASED 21st, 2010 by S

RESPECT. Thank you for capturing this

March 20, 2010 • 9:53 pm

Lil B – I’m God

By now we all know that Lil’ B is your number one guy for philosophy, life advice and spirit guidance, but today our dear Guru’s twitter overtake really took the cake and he blessed us with the ultimate twittered guide to his wisdom of life. We decided to capture his story on the blog as he is the new voice of our generation.

“Man, real talk what you feel about thirty years from now. Like really everything you do now is all written in your life book. Your life is a movie. Ya’ll dont realize I have matured so fast. I wile out because I’m young. I’m twenty years, born in 89 so I know I’ma be a pure man getting older. It’s dudes older then me that act younger then me. It’s dudes younger than me that act like babies. It’s dudes my age that are finding themselves. But really, I found my self at a young age so its like the age I’m at now I feel like I’ve got five or six extra years of front brain knowledge. From fucking up and then getting it straight. But really people dont know I´m much mucher than guys older than me, because I respect game. And when you respect true as game then honestly your life will change, the game will become yours and you will run game, not (lying). But running game as in running court, like running the game. Thats what I´m here to do. Whatever level I´m on. Rawest. Point blank. Point blank. This is a salute to all the real. Salute to all the positive. Positive meaning having that attitude. We all lose it and we get mad but we have the positive core. The positive core will promote you to feel amazing because you truly will be a good human. I truly feel this way so honestly no matter all the hate I get because really it just makes me continue to move like a leo in this jungle and I truly believe that if you have a true positive core you will be happy and appreciate life.

I´ve pretty much almost seen hell on earth. I have not been to a third world country, not because I couldn’t because really I did not want to see the extreme pain over there. So really, with seeing hell on earth I had choose to live my life in the positive and turn and give it to the earth I gave my life to the day. And the day to give my art to you and spread like my lifes diary to you. Everything I go through everything I feel I´m that type of young man. So really, I´m proud to be me and I´m honestly proud of where I came from. It hurts to see some of my brothers from my spot Berkeley hate. On me and what I do. I look at it like in life its been points and even right now everyone has left me for dead and really that wat life is. Everyone leaves you for dead until you show them you have worth. Until you show them all this material power. The fake, I cannot stand you. But to the real that stick with the real people. The personalities. The people that come in and judge you of being you. It´s respect. But it hurt to see some of my people from Berkeley diss me over some shit I said. But it´s good because you see who’s crack. So I rather know anyway and I seen a lot of solid dudes crack over speaking, or not talking. I’ve seen dudes crack over me not talking to them. Dudes, I really did thangs. Put life on the line at a young age for. Everythang. And its like man if a person dont respect u for you then you cant fuck with ‘em.

And I say “I’ma fuck yo bitch, nigga, I’ma fuck yo ho, nigga!” and it’s not even talking about that. It’s just to the hart of the hater. And I love the people and situations that made me strong, because I will die alone. And I´m ready to. But I´m also ready to love the world. And I´m also ready to live my life and not have thinking patters of living a short life and thinking about when I´m going to die. But honestly think about how long I´m going to live. It’s sad that I still have the same thoughts of how I did when I was shady. Because that mindset never left me, but I´m glad because it makes me see everyone. And if they true I really got em from the hart. I look respect in the eyes. No mask. No nothing. No gloves. Dna respect in the eye. So really it comes down to no-one is going to stop me from telling my personal diary and journey. I am the #BASED. I´m from Berkeley.

Truly from a place were there are at least eight billion people on earth I dont know. And so happy a boy from Waterfront West Berkeley puts on so I´m not gonna let none of ya´ll take this from me so my family can eat and I´m going to rap till I die. You haters will see me and respect my mind. If you dont care about me I forgive you. It comes down to who is the realist in this game. In the streets. In life. Who´s the realist. Who really is the realist? And that wat it comes down to? All around who really is the realist? From positive energy. I guarantee. I´m going to die a man of dignity and my family and any one that was ever associated with me will be considered legends. I have thoughts no-one thinks. I have seen things in ways no one has. Colors at a young age I can’t explain, colors from video games and sounds from video games that have made my mind addicted to these sounds. I love electronics. The pen. The pad. The paper. I get the most happy when I am listening to music. Around music. Near beats. Near paper. The studio. Recording. Visions/the product. I´m so happy to tel you all my life on audio since I have been 14 years old. I have started cursing. I didnt come clean at all. 14 I was worse then I was now. My inspiration was pain and the streets. Respect in the streets fame and respect. Girls and tv. Clicked up. I wanted to be clicked up with power. I used to get roasted and I followed. I learned. My feelings were hurt. But I grew. My layer real.

I’ve almost seen death plenty of time. And painful deaths at that. You don’t realize I am positive because it is the truth. I´m not an angel and I´m not a saint but I am true with a core message like 2pac and I promise I know if Pac was here he wouldd respect this #BASED. If he truly knew the message, the core love and foundation I have spread through this music that my people hear. Hate on me. About. They would see that I am doing something amazing for the world. Yes, it might be weird that I´m young. That I have advanced thoughts that me myself I cant even catch sometimes. Yes, I feel like I´m in a lifes movie that is so real that I have advanced thoughts that me myself I can’t even catch sometimes. Yes, I feel like I´m in a lifes movie. That is so real and even if we don’t look the same I do understand what your going through because trust me I haven’t seen it all but I have learned from it and right now I´m just ready to do what I have to do with my rap journal of life and get it to the people that respect my #BASED mind because thats my job to tell u about everything I no. So to all my respect. All my support. All my #BASED I do this for you, #BASED world 2010.

But point blank anything with Lil B cost $ for real, I´m talking playboy $$ mansion money. I´m honestly a living legend and its weird I know it. And also if you’re thugging super hard adopt a pet. Honestly, a cat. It will relax you. A baby cat at that. ASPCA I love you! Adopt baby cats!” ♦

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