Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lil B Speaks On Bein Set-Up!!!!

Guess This Kinda Shit Jus COmes Wit The Territory..Thats how u Know U Gettin Big...When Niggas Get Jealous And Wanna Do Harm To U Jus CUz They Feel Threatened And AIn't Got Wut U GOt! These Niggas That Hit Lil B Real Lame THo..They aIn't even COnfront Him Lika a Man..Regardless if u like his music or not if u a real Man u would agree that they Did Do Some Sucka ass, H** ass Shit! So Many People Are Closed Minded and Ignorant...People See Wat Lil B Does in The Public And Take It For Face Value But there Is a Reason To His SOmewhat Seemin Madness..We Have A True Positive Cause Behind BasedWorld..SOmetimes U Gotta Blend In to Be Seen aND dO wAT u gOTTA DO Before U Can Stir Things Up!! Rememeber That...A Wise Man Told Me That.....And im not sayin that bout them niggas..That caught B slippin..but im sayin that about how B is goin about tryin to bring change..Jus think bout wats he really says in his music..his true honest music....i typed this excuse the grammar..

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