Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So I Heard there Was SOme People Upset Wit Wayne And Drakes Performance!!!!

I mean I don't know..They say they were upset about Weezy havin his daughter and  her teenage girl friends Dancin on Stage To "EveryGirl" Because The Real Version Lyrics Talk About F***'n Everygirl In the World lol...So I guess it's truly not the most kid friendly song. but who knew the edited version would catch on..most people prolly dont know the real words anyhow..but then again i was a kid who always looked for the real versions haha ...Sad but i mean look u think they makin these rap songs and trends for nigs in their 30's..haha it's all for the kids..people are so naive..but i don't know if i would have agreed wit wayne decision on that..just for media back lash sake..but i get him maybe tryin to have his daughter be incorporated in his show. Ha I guess People From Just Viewers To celebs Had somethin to say on their twitter and facebook's.....But Come on people this rap shit has been explicit..Not like wayne don't rap about guns,,drugs,and hoes,,shit now he on that rock and roll..guess people always find sumthin to complain about...

“Lil’ wayne + wanting to f*ck every girl + w/ young girls on stage = smh, pure mess. how did bet miss how inappropriate that was?! (TheSourceMag’s Twitter)

these girls onstage look a littttttle tooooo young to be the subject of this song. could be the red tutu (AngelaYee’s Twitter)

Okay I have a problem! Why are there 12 year olds on stage while Drake and Lil Wayne singing this song!! I as like is that a little GIRL????? and then I was like wait there are more lil kids! HUH?? (TiaMowry’s Twitter)

Drake/Lil Wayne performance really pissed me off by bringing those young 10 year old girls singing I would F ever girl in the world. (IPRMKTG’s Twitter)”  ...courtesy of Ybf blogs..

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